Wow this program has its own mind today! What is going on.

Trying to do a quote and it will not let me type in the name at the end. I have space down twice and it only lets me get in 2 letters and then it starts typing a random word from the quote. I have had this problem before, very frustrating.

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Hi Linda, 

May I know the browser you are using for Youzign and the Flash Version that's currently installed in your computer? It works best in Google Chrome.

Also, you might need to give permission to the Flash player to run on Chrome. Please see this tutorial: https://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/enabling-flash-player-chrome.html 

Thank you.

No it does not. I have actually shut it down and gone back to the same problems.


No nothing works today. Happes now and then. That's when I take my quotes over to pic monkey and do them in that program. I don't want to cause I can't save them or change them after saving.

Sometimes it works perfectly and other times not at all.

Another thing that happens is that when I paste and copy a quote- I always use the middle to center and sometimes it brings the quote in linear, which is a pain in the neck cause now I have to keep breaking down the sentences in order to see the whole quote. But when the program is working well, it brings it in just the way I want, within the square that I set it up in.

I do quotes every morning so it is really important to me that it works correctly. Why is it off  sometimes?


Hi Linda, 

Does refreshing remove the issue?