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  • New in Gifzign: a nifty loading screen and mockups with perspective!

    Rose :3 · 0 replies · Posted


    Good news! The latest version of Gifzign 1.0.13 was released this week! If you haven’t got it yet make sure to download it from your dashboard.

    In this version we added two new cool features, here is breakdown!

    First we are introducing a new loading screen with a progress bar so that you know how much time is left when you are converting a video to GIF, previewing a GIF or rendering a GIF. It’s very handy and also includes links to the Gifzign support page and blog.


    Bonus: the loading UI as we envisioned it
  • You can now add GIFs to comments in Facebook!

    Rose :3 · 0 replies · Posted

    This week, the GIF format was celebrating its 30th birthday and Facebook decided to celebrate the internet’s favourite format with a little bit of love…

    You can now reply to comments on Facebook by uploading your GIFs, and obviously at Gifzign we think it’s very cool!

    In the past you could insert GIFs only by linking to a GIF URL which was a bit cumbersome. This change in Facebook marks a real shift and acceptance of GIF as a core component of the interwebs for the years to come.

    How to upload your GIF to a Facebook comment:

    1. Go to and find a
  • *New* Slick Features Added in Version 1.0.12

    Rose :3 · 0 replies · Posted

    Hi Gifzigners!

    Good news!

    We’ve just pushed a bunch of highly requested features and updates in the new version of Gifzign.

    If you haven’t downloaded the update yet, head over to your Gifzign dashboard and download Gifzign Version 1.0.12

    So what are the new cool stuff in this update:

    1. New export to mp4 feature (also contains sound from video)

    This new feature lets you save and download your GIFs into a final mp4 format. What’s cool is that you can choose whether to include the sound/ audio from your video or not...

    Check out the rest of these slick features in

  • *New* GIF Love on Mother's Day (Mother's Day Giveaway Graphics)

    Rose :3 · 0 replies · Posted

    Hi everyone!

    It’s this time of the year again when we honor the best and the most special woman in our lives – our Mothers.
    And to help you make this day extra special for her, our creative team has prepared a few GIFs and cinemagraphs which you can share with every loving and brave woman you know.

    We are releasing these graphics under Creative Commons license, so you can download and do-whatever-you-want with these graphics. Feel free to post them across your social media accounts and websites!

    Download the Mother's Day Graphics Giveaway on the Gifzign blog.

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    I can not create account

    Tran · 2 replies · Last reply by FRANCOIS DHOMMEAUX

    Dear, team

    I can not create account #Gifzign

    Please send me new account to my email



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    No Access To My Purchase!

    Alan Amor · 0 replies · Posted

    I purchased Gifzign two days ago 17th June 2017 [AP-18P43993985402631] via JVZoo but when I try to access the product I'm taken to a Gifzign Login page and when I complete the login I just get a message at the top of the form saying: "User registration is currently not allowed".                                                                           Seems to be a common problem looking at related topics.

    I have

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    Can not register acount

    Stefan · 0 replies · Posted


    Just bought Gifzign, but when asked to register my account I get the message; User registration is currently not allowed.


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    I have purchased Gifzign on March 25th

    Mohamed Hafez · 1 reply · Last reply by Gloria :)

    I have purchased Gifzign on March 25th. My JVZoo transaction ID is AP-9K171149D544***** and my email address is mhafez***** I haven't received login credentials and when tried to register I was denied. Please give me access.

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    My account shows that I do not have Club any longer why? what happened I had it before!

    Al Bernard · 3 replies · Last reply by Gloria :)

    I logged into my Gifzine account and my access to club has been removed.

    I see a Buy Now radio button.

    Why do I have to buy club again?

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    i want refund

    Komal Saluja · 1 reply · Last reply by John : }


    i am not satify with software ..please refund my amount. i had attached my purchase copy

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    Gifzing versions or updates

    Bea · 2 replies · Last reply by John : }

    How do we identify what version we have?

    How do we access updates?

    Is the software being developed? 
    As nothing seems to be progressing and the software is not performing anything as expected with resulting gifs still being far larger than the original MP4s 

    Are we going to be able to create a gif using stills ?

    Have asked a number of times for support but seem to be getting removed

  • [*New* Blog Post] 27 Free Stock Video Sources For Your GIFs and Cinemagraphs

    Rose :3 · 0 replies · Posted


    Fancy creating GIFs and cinemagraphs but, you don’t want to take the risk of using random videos from Youtube?

    You might be interested in checking out our awesome list of 27 free stock video sources which you can use to create your own GIFs and cinemagraphs. Most of these video sources offer high-resolution and royalty-free stock videos licensed under Public Domain Creative Commons Zero which lets you do whatever you want with these contents for free!

    So with no further ado, let’s dive into this cool list!

    1. Coverr


    Coverr offers beautiful high-quality videos which you can download for

  • How to turn Youtube/ Vimeo videos to mp4

    Rose :3 · 0 replies · Posted

    Here is how to turn your Youtube or Vimeo videos to mp4:

    1. Go to 

    2. Paste the Youtube/ Vimeo URL on the download box and click Download MP4


    3. You may choose to download a standard or an HD version of your video.


    3. Wait for your download to finish...


    4. When your download is complete, you can now upload it to Gifzign


    Note: In the meantime, while our dev't team continues to sort out the issues with Youtube and Vimeo link, feel free to use this workaround. Another conversion tool you can use is: Thank you! 

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    Gifzign club

    shaun · 10 replies · Last reply by John : }

    Hi I just got advised I had paid subscription for Gifzign club, didn't realise I had signed up for it!! , what does this involve and where do where access it? 


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    200 templates...

    frank gahl · 1 reply · Last reply by John : }

    Hi,  I don't have the 200 templates yet.. I think you were still building them when I asked this last time.  It looks like there is a download 1.0.9 that I need to get but when I click that nothing happens... so maybe its already downloaded?   If that is the case, where do you get the 200 templates?   thanks

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    Anyone else not getting their refund?

    Charles K · 1 reply · Last reply by John : }

    Had to actually go to a Paypal dispute level and these people STILL haven't issued the refund that was requested literally within three days after purchase.  Wow.  How does Paypal allow companies to operate like this, unbelievable.

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    GIFZIGN Size Output for FB Ads

    Alex Rendon · 2 replies · Last reply by John : }

    In GIFZIGN, is there a way to edit the size of the gif when converting video to gif?

  • Weekly Live Training - April 7th, 2017

    Rose :3 · 0 replies · Posted

    Table of Contents

    ( 13:19 ) Start
    ( 18:50 ) What’s new in Youzign
    ( 20:28 ) Gifzign New Version - 1.0.9
    ( 24:45 ) Why Gif’s Matter?
    ( 26:55 ) Types of Gifs to Create for Yourself and your Clients

    1. Show personality or brand yourself
    2. Show off a product
    3. Explain a process or a how-to
    4. Say thank you or send a greeting
    5.Tell a Story
    6. Display an ad
    7. Animate data
    8. Show company culture

    ( 36:24 ) Gifzign Demo
    ( 56:10 ) Gifzign Support
    ( 57:22 ) Gifzign Community
    ( 57: 55 ) Gifzign Current Pricing

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    It would be awesome to be able to export end result as video or .MP4 :)

    Rene · 1 reply · Last reply by John : }

    It would be really great if you guys could add the option to export the end result of a project as a video or .mp4 (specially if it could be in HD)  I would completely fall in love with this tool, i think that this suggestion is focused more on cinempagraphs than regular gifs but i think it would be a perfect addon to this software!