Knowledge Base: GIF Converter

  • Conversion times

    Here's a quick view of the Average Conversion Time when you upload Youtube video links or MP4 video files in Gifzign.



    1 min video  -  35 seconds loading time

    3 min video - 1 min and 32 seconds loading time

    5 min video - 1 min and 58 seconds loading time


    1 min video - 3 seconds loading time

    3 min video - 18 seconds loading time

    5 min video - 2 mins and 11 seconds loading time


    Let us know if anything. Thanks!


  • How to compress your GIF

    Sometimes, the size of the GIF you create can be too large for some websites (especially GIFs in HD.)

    Here is a good way to compress your GIFs and make them lighter without loosing much quality.

    For this purpose, we recommend using EZGIF converter. Here's how to use it.

    1. Go to and upload your GIF file.


    2. After clicking on upload, wait for the quick compression process.
    Click on Save to download your reduced GIF.


     Note: You can also optimize your GIFs using this tool. 

  • How to turn a .mp4 video into a GIF

    Gifzign makes it easy to convert mp4 videos into a GIF. Follow the steps below.

    1. Go to Gifzign

    2. Click on the big + button (top left)

    3. Select your mp4 video

    4. That's it your video will be converted to a GIF and loaded into the Gifzign Editor.

    Note: if your video is another format than mp4 please convert it to mp4 first using your preferred video software or an online video converters like


  • How to turn a Youtube or Vimeo video into a GIF

    1. Go to the Youtube/Vimeo video of your choice and copy the link in your browser address bar


    2. Open Gifzign

    3. Click on the big + button (top left)

    4. Paste the Youtube/Vimeo link

    5. Click on Beam Me!