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    GIFZIGN Size Output for FB Ads

    Alex Rendon · 2 replies · Last reply by John : }

    In GIFZIGN, is there a way to edit the size of the gif when converting video to gif?

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    Anyone else not getting their refund?

    Charles K · 1 reply · Last reply by John : }

    Had to actually go to a Paypal dispute level and these people STILL haven't issued the refund that was requested literally within three days after purchase.  Wow.  How does Paypal allow companies to operate like this, unbelievable.

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    200 templates...

    frank gahl · 0 replies · Posted

    Hi,  I don't have the 200 templates yet.. I think you were still building them when I asked this last time.  It looks like there is a download 1.0.9 that I need to get but when I click that nothing happens... so maybe its already downloaded?   If that is the case, where do you get the 200 templates?   thanks