Where is the template for facebook & twitter memes?

So far, have been unable to find any templates (or guides) for creating Memes in either Facebook or Twitter. Can you help me locate these. (Otherwise, loving this tool as I am just now getting started.)

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Hi Jerry,

Youzign can create just about anything! It's a very versatile software, however there are not templates for everything you can create at the moment.

What you would need to do is find the image for the meme you would like to create and upload it to your design. Generally, meme backgrounds are squares, so you can set the dimensions to something easy like 500 x 500 and fit the image to it.

The second piece to creating a meme is that clever text you want to add to it. This does have to be your own original line, or perhaps you can find some inspiration online by searching for quotes. Memes can be anything from funny to serious, but the key to a good meme is for it to say something short and striking. This is definitely the hardest part about making a meme.

As a quick tip: for that 'classic' recognizeable meme style, use the Impact font. :)

Youzign is much more flexible, and I recommend trying this with the software, but we do have a basic (and free) Meme Creator tool you can check out as well:


Hope it helps! Feel free to reply here or write in a ticket if you have any questions along the way.