facebook group cover highly pixelated

Hi my fb GROUP cover pic looks fine in youzign but looks like pixelated crap when uploaded. I checked that it was 784 x 250 and even tried different dimensions as its hard to get a straight answer on this from searching.

There obviously is some kind of compression going on but how do I set up the image in youzign to avoid this?

I need to get this done for a client asap.



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Hi Master Dan,

I'm sorry to hear that. It's a facebook issue I guess. They should have not force compressed the image since it's already in 98KB. Please try this one in PNG format (86KB):

I used Photoshop's 'Save for Web' feature, I chose the PNG 8 format. Please try this one and keep me in the loop. Thanks!

Hmm tried that and it still comes out messed up. Any ideas?

Thanks so much, May I ask how you did that so I can do that for future pics?


Hi Master Dan, 

I have compressed the image to about 98KB, please try this on the group page:


Here is the image. Someone on the FB Group asked me to attach it to this post.


Hi Master Dan, 

I am sorry for the inconvenience. This issue is due to Facebook's compression method. As they compress the image's size, the quality becomes bad. The pixel size of the image does not really matter. However, I would recommend you to compress your image at tinypng.com before uploading to Facebook. This way, uploading a smaller image file size (probably 100KB or less) would stop Facebook from compressing your image. 

Some more details here: https://www.facebook.com/help/266520536764594

Let me know how it goes, thanks!