Simple tasks like editing text are a nightmare

Hi I LOVE the idea of this program but it is SO VERY frustrating to use. Even something like adding text becomes a nightmare.

I can spend about 20 minutes trying to get the 'edit' function rather than move the text box around. In the end I have to logout and then log in again and start all over again.

Also, if I zoom in on a project I lose the editing suite on the top right hand size and can't get it to appear again. I have spent over 2 days trying to create one very simple project.

I also tried adding some elements like an arrow and the on 5 occasions the ability to be able to do anything with it such as moving it, changing the colour etc was impossible. It just refused to be recognised when I clicked on it and tried to do something with it.

I really really want to be able to continue using it, but it is not a pleasurable experience.

I hope some updates are made soon. If they are, I will be it's biggest fan. 



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I agree, Nobby.

Hi Alberto, 

May I know the specific issue you encountered using Youzign? Thank you.

I reported my problem four or five days ago and up to now have not been able to solve my problem: 

I cannot use PREVIEW nor SAVE functions

Like I said in at least another four posts, I bought Gifzign last week and tried creating some gifs but each time I hit the preview or save buttons the computer hangs and never shows the preview nor saves it...

I think I am doing everything right... I tried with long gifs (10 to 20 seconds)  and short ones (3 to 5 seconds) and they were impossible to preview or save. I am losing everything I do....

I also tried uninstalling the program and downloading it and installing it again. But that didn´t fix anything.

You, John, personally recommended (and obviously forgot) disabling the antivirus for a moment and then trying to save the GIF again. It did'n work. I still cannot preview or save any gif whatsoever.

Rose recommended installing version 1.0.8. I did and I still cannot preview or save the gifs.

I've tried everything and the program still doesn't work. The program is of no use to me if it doesn't work properly.

As much as I like the program, I'm going to have to ask for my money back unless my problem is solved within the next 24 hours. Thank you.. 

Hi Alberto, 

I saw your posts about Gifzign and I am sorry you had those experiences. The developer are still working on the issue. 

This post however is for Youzign and not Gifzign. Thanks for clarifying.

Thank you.


Hi Abhi

The suggested work around of hitting 'enter' after nominating 'text' does not work in either FIrefox or Chrome.


Kind Regards


Please clear the cache and try again and let me know.


Meanwhile I have added an alternative for those who are having trouble using double-click
Now you can press 'Enter' key from keyboard to put the text-field into edit mode
Just select the text-field and press 'Enter'



I really appreciate your very fast reply...thank you :o)

I have tried it on both safari on my Mac and in Firefox on my PC but the same problem arises. 

Others are having the same problem so I know it is not just me. 

I am not on Skype, and others are having the same issue, would it better not to try and help me here in the public domain and that means that other people get could the answer too?

Thank you



It seems to be System specific issue.

We must see what is happening at your end to in order to fix it.

It will be helpful for us if you can record a video capture addressing the issue.


Please download this software it is free and easy to use to capture the screen video.

You can capture and share the screen video with help of above software.

Meanwhile I have added an alternative for those who are having trouble using double-click
Now you can press 'Enter' key from keyboard to put the text-field into edit mode
Just select the text-field and press 'Enter'


Hi Joe

In case you are using Safari browser then please try using Chrome or Firefox.

You can also contact me on Skype (my username is abhigrk). That way We will be able to communicate better and I will be able to resolve your issue faster.

I am having similar problems and I am sick of it. I am going to ask for a refund for this program. I am constantly having problems with trying to do edits especially on texts. I haven't done many, but nearly every opportunity turns into frustration and annoyance.
I see others using the program without problems, but I a cannot get it to work beyond one text box. 
This is not how to sell software to people.
It is obviously not just ONE person at all. It seems to affect many.
While the program may be a  good idea, the delivery is disgraceful. I have reported this before without response.