GifZing and Existing YouZign members

HI. I have been a long time user of YouZign and love it but I have not heard you mention GifZign, I only just heard about it in the support forum for YouZign.

Are there any special promotions for YouZign customers?

Thank you

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HI Meek. 

Thank you for your reply, I didn't see any of the emails about Gifzign :(

Thank you for supply the link 



Hi Gary,

I am sorry however we already did a special promo for Gifzign around November and December of last year already. We sent it to all Youzign customers at the time.

But don’t worry, in case you missed it, on Tuesday during the launch,  Gifzign will be heavily discounted so you can definitely get it from there. 

Please visit http://gifzign.com/ for more details. 

Let me know if you need further assistance, I'll be happy to assist. :)