How to create cinemagraphs in Gifzign

1. Click on the Cinemagraph tab

2. Move the cursor where you want the cinemagraph to start

3. Capture the still image by clicking on the Eye icon

4. Using the masking tools, brush off the area you want to keep animated

Note: you may apply additional effects like mirroring, filters or even mockups to your cinemagraphs.

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Hi Simon, 

With the new Update 1.0.9, there has been a slight change on the way we create the cinemagraph. Click the Eye icon to show the Still image. While it is visible, you can then erase parts of it to show the video behind it.

I hope this helps, let me know if you have further questions.

We will create a video tutorial soon probably once we already added the upcoming features for cinemagraph.

Thank you.

Thanks John, your response is helpful. I suggest that the development team takes a fresh look at gifzign, as the way it works now is confusing, at least to someone learning to use the program.

1. The blue S is for SCENE, whereas the yellow S is for Start.

2. Second Masking button:  OFF means that the Eraser works and ON means the Brush works. I find this confusing.

I am becoming more familiar with making Cinemagraphs and as the saying goes "practice makes perfect".



Hi Simon, 

Yes, we will be changing the blue S into an image icon. Also for the masking and brush features we will provide separate buttons for these.

We will update soon. Thanks!

It would be VERY helpful to have short videos that show the entire process. This Amusing Cinemagraph was not quite what I intended. I followed the steps, but there was no red line showing the area I was masking.  I tried a few times and got nowhere.

Part of the problem may be that once you know HOW to do this it becomes second nature. People like me who are getting started need to be shown every step.

Hi Simon, please check my comment above. Thank you.


what are the two red icons under "Masking" for ?


Hi Anael, 

The 2 red icons are like 'Show/Hide' buttons. The first one shows/hides the outlines of a still image (in red lines), the 2nd one(right one) shows/hides the brush cursor when erasing parts of the still.

You may select the still image/frame by using the 'S' tab under the timeline and clicking the eye button.

We will be improving this UI to make them more intuitive.