Youzign site update

Hey there,

Just to let you know that after 9 weeks of development, we have pushed a new version of Youzign.

Technically speaking, we recoded the entire PHP and action script framework, from scratch. It was a big undertaking but it will allow us to push updates a lot faster from now on and scale better too as we grow. 

So what's new:

- performance: we drastically improved the site loading speed and the software speed too

- infinite scrolling: if you scroll down your designs (and you have lots of them) no need to refresh the page, all your designs will load instantly

- new dashboard: easier to navigate, note the new template button

- profile page: all functional now for you to personalize your Youzign experience. Will be used a lot more once we push the youzign marketplace : ) 

- better sharing from the dashboard and we also added Facebook comments to your share page

- home button: that's on the software side, and easy button to return to your dashboard

As of 18th June, there are a few items we need to fix:

- some templates and designs might be missing from your account (update: mostly fixed)

-  image uploads inside the software might be missing too (in progress, due on wednesday

- your profile picture might be missing and a few bits here and there

We are going to power through today and tomorrow so that we can have Youzign back to normal asap. Apologies if you are experiencing any of these issues, and thanks for your patience while we complete the push of the new version!

If some your designs are missing, please contact us via with your login details so that we can dive into your account and restore your designs asap. 

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Twitter update says the system is back on. I can't access. I keep getting sent to the twitter update page. I have a design that I urgently needed to update about 3 hours ago! 

How can you help? 

Hey can you try to clear your cookies and visit the page again, that should do it!

I Too am not allowed in and am being pointed to twitter

I also have cleared cookies and browsing history, but still pointed to twitter.

Is the site live yet?

Thanks for keeping us posted.. appreciate you guys.. keep smiling

Welcome and thanks too! <3

Hey guys. I just logged into my account and a lot of my designs both completed and unfinished are missing. Where are they? Will I have to start them from scratch again? This will take a lot of time I wasn't prepared for when you came back online. I really needed to finish them for a project today. Please advise.

Ditto. I lost a lot of work that I am going to now have to recreate! Does this mean we cannot depend on out work being saved for us? Not good!

Hey John and James you won't have to redo those, we re gradually restoring all designs that might be missing. Please get in touch with me on skype (id: omassore) if you need help with it tonight, Ill be around. 

My designs - I only have a few so far - are also missing. And my password, but here and in the designer, wasn't accepted. I reset password and hope my designs will return soon.


Are my designs coming back?

Hi Paul, yes your designs will be retrieved soon. We have back up for your designs. Our web developers are still currently fixing the bug that's causing this issue but, your designs will be back there soon! thanks for your patience! 

Hi Tony Turner, can you access the site now? or still redirected to Twitter? thanks! :)

My email address is not being found

Sorry to hear that. Can you please send us a ticket via with your email address or username? thanks!

Any idea when the designs might be back into the accounts? I REALLLLLY need mine today for some projects I'm working on :) Love you guys BTW 

Hi Damien,

Can you please send us a ticket here (request) with your username or account email address?thanks for your message! :)


I use Video Lower Thirds quite a bit. Previous to the upgrade when you uploaded a photo to be used for the background it was automatically resized to fit (you still had to nudge it a little to get it into position). After the recent upgrade the photo is so gigantic that you have to keep reducing it by holding the corner until it becomes the size that fits. It would be great to have it automatically sized again.

Thank you for fixing the automatic re-sizing on the lower thirds. It's working great again. :-)

The Update Has Problems. I finally got all of my previous projects loaded on my dashboard (thank you!).

1 - All of my saved images in "Uploads" before the update do not show up in the design panel

2 - It doesn't save any uploaded images after you save the design and come back to it (THIS IS HUGE!!!)

3 - Cropping Pix - It loads the original size instead of the resize version and loads the orientation (horizontal/vertical)

On your next Update, please put in on another server and let us Beta Test it for you. You really have us in a bind with these major problems. I do realize that you are tweaking it, but we don't have this kind of time to wait. I alone have lots of design work ahead of me. I create designs daily. Item #2 is A HUGE PROBLEM. I found this out after creating a small design project. Now I have to make sure I uploaded all the pix I need for the design!

You have a great design software program bar none! However, the update is reeking havoc on us heavy duty designers that depend on your program. Please fix the above problems as soon as possible.

Hey John,

Yes we did restore most designs by now, next thing on our agenda are the user uploads. We plan to be fully back to normal in the next 48 hours, it's been a really long week end for us all. 

Regarding 3) thats fixed too. Uploaded images are saved inside the software. 

Again our apologies for any inconvenience caused, we did learn our lesson the hard way and will adjust for future updates. 

Still waiting for my designs. I realize you probably don't work on weekends but I do and others do, too. My clients are not happy. I need my designs restored.

Bertrand, your reply to John that "Regarding 3) thats fixed too. Uploaded images are saved inside the software." doesn't seem accurate when I try uploading to Video lower thirds. Images are still the original size and thus require resizing. Plus, I seem to be seeing uploaded images that are not mine since I have never saved any uploads to the system.

Bertrand, Per Gene Carey, Item #2 uploaded image library... I'm getting someone else images to!

My designs have not yet been restored.. and I'm getting someone else images as well.. keep smiling

Hi Shalonda,

Do apologize us for the inconvenience. May I have your account email address or username please? thank you! 


When I save a design then go back to work on it, only the text lines will load, but not the images.Please fix this as soon as possible. It's time consuming to have to reload images (that aren't being saved).


Thank you

Hi John, thanks for the details. I apologize for the inconvenience. We continue to have this saving issue somehow. The developers are working on it. For now I can give you a workaround to ensure that we designs are saved.

When designing:

1. Open 2 tabs, 1 for the dashboard, the other for the application

2. Everytime you save a design in the application, check it on the dashboard tab. If it appears, check it(Click edit) to see if the elements(texts,graphics, image, etc.) are saved properly. If it's not saved properly, the design got the issue and you need to discard it. If the elements are saved properly, and for about 3-4 times of edits, everything is being saved - then that design is working well and will save the rest of future edits.

I hope this will help. Our design team is using this process to ensure that the designs are saved properly. Thanks!

Designs finally restored. Thank you.

Welcome and Thanks for letting us know Paul! Glad to hear they're back.

What happen to all my uploads ...where are they?

Hi Brian,

Thanks for getting in touch with us! We had a site update last Thursday which brought up some issues on the back end including missing designs and uploads. Rest assured that your designs aren't missing as we made back ups prior to the maintenance. Our dev't team is looking into it now and gradually bringing back user designs accordingly. 

If you can share with us your account email or username, it would be easier for our web developers to retrieve your designs back to your account. Thanks! - Rose

I lost all my designs too. Templates aren't working either. Any new thing I save, If I open it  back up, it's altered with different fonts, stretched fonts or squeezed fonts.

account Name: rgartman

It is six days later and I am still experiencing the same problems as Randall and then some. I am so disappointed. Youzign was working so perfectly for me and now I'm not even sure I will be able to retrieve my design 5 minutes after I create it.

I wonder if they can revert back. If they back their site regularly, they can. It would be a good option while they test this site. Really disappointing 

I double the motion with Randall G... Reload the previous version and work out the bugs on the new update. I'm working very carefully and save screen copies of the designs just in case it doesn't save so I can redesign it.

I'm with James on "I'm so disappointed". Youzign (the original version) was awesome! I thought at last no more 3 graphic programs to design!

You guys have a great program, I think you rushed the update with out beta testing first. I hope lesson was learned.

I triple the motion.

I just created a graphic and saved it. Then I reopened it for editing and there are three lines of text that need to be deleted and reedited. It is now also very difficult to slightly adjust the boxes around text, for example to make the boxes tighter so that text will center better. And, when I press an arrow to move any object or text slightly for alignment, the first click or press of the arrow results in a huge jump of the object or text.

The worst thing, though, is that the software does not save the formatting of anything you design!

This software was so good and you have made it so bad! Are you going to fix it?

I too have lost all my recent designs.

Any ETA on when to expect these to be back online?




Please let me know.

What is your registered email/username.

Look this was a horrible roll out 

1. user name =

2. I'm getting some-elses photo's in my gallery

3. All the work did not of the upload or save photos are in my upload gallery

4. I paid for a lot of the photos that are missing and one there in another persons gallery as you doing with all  these mistakes ...I'm loosing money


I want a eta of the fix and restore fully you communication is not good /////im recieveing more email than I ever have from you after the fact of this major ball drop



When you get done getting everyone's house in order you need to go back and check your templates since some are now screwed up. An example is the Facebook template showing the Free Pancake Breakfast. When you save it the plate of pancakes is upside down and the small vertical verbiage is messed up as well.

Hi Gene,

Thank you! have brought this up to the knowledge of our devt team. They will look into it asap.

- Rose

All of my recent graphics have yet to be returned and my uploads of tweaked photos and cropped pictures and logos are missing... needed so much today but no access or whereabouts of where they are...


Hi Robert,

Our web developer has looked into it. Can you please check if you can access your design items now?
Do apologize us for the inconvenience.


OK, I thought I was good but with my next login I see I have my finished designs but all of my gallery graphics are missing and it appears that more than 1 person's images are now in showing in mine. 

My stuff is back online. Not sure if this is the old version or not but everything looks like it's working again. EDIT: NOPE, my uploads are someone else's.

All my designs are gone and my uploads are someone else's too

Hey, When saving a design, the script is blowing up:


Error occured while saving design. Please try saving again!<!DOCTYPE html>  
<!--[if IE 7 ]> <html lang="en-US" class="ie no-js ie7"> <![endif]-->
<!--[if IE 8 ]> <html lang="en-US" class="ie no-js ie8"> <![endif]-->
<!--[if IE 9 ]> <html lang="en-US" class="ie no-js ie9"> <![endif]-->
<!--[if (gt IE 9)|!(IE)]><!-->
<html lang="en-US">
        <!-- Meta -->
        <meta charset="utf-8" />
        <!-- Titre -->
        <title> | You are the designer</title>
        <!-- Include stylesheets -->
        <link href="//" rel="stylesheet">
        <link href=",400,300,800,700%7CLato:400,500,900" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
        <link rel="stylesheet" href="" />    
        <link rel="icon" type="image/png" href=""/>
        <link rel="shortcut icon" href="" />
        <link rel="profile" href="">
        <link rel="pingback" href="">

I had the same thing start happening yesterday and it's still happening today (it won't save a design). I have to take a screenshot and then crop it in order to use the new design. I saved a screenshot of the error message but it looks just like the one that John posted and I can't attach it here.