Black Screen When Loading Youzign Editor

Hi everyone, this article will help you solve the black screen issue. 

Are you using Google Chrome as your browser for Youzign? Yes or No.

A. Yes, I am using Google Chrome for Youzign

Google Chrome made some updates recently (one update could be 'disabling flash in sites by default' for security reasons ), which could be the reason why Youzign is not loaded automatically now like it was before. Please follow these steps:

1. Open Chrome Settings Page:

2. On the Settings Page, search for 'flash' and click 'Content Settings'.

3. Under Content Settings, click Flash

5. Under Flash add 

6. Refresh Youzign and try to load the editor again. You may need to consider Force refreshing (Ctrl+F5) the page or clearing your browser's cache.

NOTE: In case this method does not work, please try turning on "Allow sites to run Flash" still under the Flash Section, however please be reminded that this option is not recommended as it might expose you to some security issues. In case the Flash Player is not working in Chrome, please visit this page for more details: .

B. No, I don't use Google Chrome for Youzign.

Here are my following thoughts based from my and others' experiences about using well-known browsers. I have also added tutorial links on how to enable the Flash Player in these browsers: 

Mozilla Firefox - it works (Enable Flash Player)

• Microsoft Edge - it works (Enable Flash Player)

Internet Explorer - it works (Enable Flash Player)

Internet Explorer 10 - it works (Enable Flash Player)

•  Safari - it does not work

Google Chrome - it works (Enable Flash Player)

NOTE: Excluding Chrome, you can't run Youzign without a Flash Player installed. It's free and you can get one here: . Don't forget to un-tick any boxes where they offer you software installs and homepage changes!

C. I tried all options but none worked.

If you have tried all options and the black screen is still there, please contact us at for the developers to have a closer look into the issue. 

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