Unable to save my designs... Getting Error #2032...

Lost quite a bit of my work in the last few days with this error... Need a solution. Thank you 

None of the new templates are being displayed on my Dashboard. Just one template is displayed although it says 715 items found.


Thank you


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Hi John

The problem still exists... Have already reported the problem. 

Thank you for your reply and the clarification regarding the templates. 


Hi Navneet, 

Thanks for the update. I will check your request.


Hi Navneet, 

I'm sorry about the inconvenience. We already fix the saving Error #2032 last week. Your application could have been outdated due to the browser's cache. Please check again on your end after clearing your browser's cache. If the problem is still there, please send us a ticket/request, (send here: http://support.youzign.com on top right with the link that says 'Submit a Request') include in your message your login details(Username and password) so we could view the issue from your side. Feel free to update us on this thread.

Regarding the templates. The Basic package should only have 1 template per category, it's an issue that 715 is showed as the total. If you bought the 'Upgrade' you will have 700+ templates, plus 100 per month.