Happy Birthday Youzign: 100,000 Designs Milestone!

Hey there Bertrand here from the Youzign team with some exciting news!

Today is a pretty exciting day for myself for two reasons:

it’s my birthday!

Youzign is one year old!

Regarding the latter, it’s been a freaking amazing year for Youzign. At this time last year we launched the betawith a handful of users via our private beta Facebook group (by the way massive thanks to our early beta testers)

Fast forward one year from now and here are some key stats about the year:

- 264, 891 souls have visited Youzign (not sure about that figure as we lost Analytics for a while : )

- 21,902 signed up to Youzign

74% of our surveyed users say they couldn’t live without Youzign (top tip: if you run a startup use this survey and pay special attention to the Sean Ellis test)

- 131,025 designs have been created by Youzigners since we...

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