European Customers and VAT on Youzign

According to the new EU regulations in place since January 1st 2015, we are required to collect VAT to all our European transactions:

We are an Irish based company so we are complying with this rule. All collected VAT will then be sent to the Irish revenue service who will send it back to your EU country of residence as tax income.

Note: This does not concern our customers outside of the EU

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Hi, I need an invoice including VAT too, as a german citizen. Where can I get one? Where should the checkout page you mentioned be?


If you collect VAT, why is it not stated on the "receipt" that you sent to me? And if you are based in Ireland and I'm based in the Netherlands, why do I receive a "receipt" in US dollars?

Please re-send the receipt including VAT, for proper registration and tax return.

Thank you.

Hi Minjon,

We show the VAT on the checkout page. As we use paypal, it doesn't have the ability right now to do flexible VAT calculations as would be required due to each EU country having a different VAT rate.

We use US dollars as that is the currency we trade in, regardless of being established in Ireland, as it is where our majority market is and we don't have the ability to localise this into Euro, or other countries currency.