Still waiting......

Hi again. I sent a message to you guys months ago and have not gotten any response.... have you even recieved it?
I would like to know why Youzign always says "shockwave plugin" has stopped working" and when I reload, I lose All the work I do at that time......
EVERYtime I use Youzign this crap happens...... Very unhappy about this!
... and last night while I was using the platform, none of the templates were loading so I had to take more time to create something from scratch..
and it stopped working about 4 times in the process..... (Same shockwave plugin crap)!

Why is this constantly happening? ...And when would it be fixed??

If it cannot be fixed after so long, then refund me, let me buy something that would not give me this recurring and problematic issue please!    
... It's been going on too long now, and I did not get any response when I raised these concerns months ago on this page.....

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I am sorry I was not ther when you called me
Looking forward to see you in Skype.


Hi Kevin

Please download and install the latest flash player plugins or make sure you have the updated flash player installed.

Let me know once done. You can catch me at Skype(id: abhigrk). Looking forward to hear from you.

Apologies.... I was at the hospital with a family member for most of the day.
I already had the latest Flashplayer plugins and just reinstalled it again.
I am getting the same problem!!
After about 4 minutes waiting for my uploads to load within the Youzign software, which about 80% of them did not load. I then attempted to take a screenshot of it to send to you and as soon as I opened up my snagit to take the snapshot, the screen went black again on the software page  and all I saw AGAIN, was this irritating message "Shockwave Flask has crashed" and next to it, the "Reload" button.

I am really annoyed and fed up of this now......
I am going to attempt to reach you on Skype!

I tried reaching you on Skype, but no answer..... Maybe you are not there, but is anyone else there seeing these messages to assist me???

I have been going through this youzign issue of the software shutting down on me for months and I have some work to get done...... 
TIME IS GOING AND "TIME IS MONEY"!!! I have a deadline....
If you cannot help me solve this issue today, then please refund me so that I can get something else that works so that I can complete my work in time!

PLEASE...... I have to create designs to help raise money to help pay for a child's urgently-needed surgery!!!!!

If you cannot fix the issue today, Then Please refund me so that I can do my part to help with this child please!!

Please respond quickly!

TIME is going!..........................


Are you there, or is anyone there to help as yet?
Please read the previous messages.
I need some service please!...............


I would really like this issue resolved as fast as possible please.... As far as I, "the customer" is concerned, I have not gotten any response in such a long time until tonight.... The software has ALWAYS given me serious working problems everyday I try to use it and has made what should have been a seemless experience, less than likable or tolerable, and for months, I have been extrememly patient. but since I bought this software.... it has not been working properly everyday I use it.

If this problem is not fixed within the next 24 hours, then I would like a rrefund, because it is not nice to be spending over one hundred dollars on a software that gives problems to function everyday and no one responds to my cry for assistance for many months, until today!

I am going to slepp now... It's after 12am here.... I hope to see a nice response that would solve this issue inn the morning... If not, then kindly refund me what I spent on this software, and for the great inconvenience and time wasted!
What I have endured with Youzign, is not right! I need it solved now!


Hi Kevin, 

I am very sorry for the inconvenience, but we haven't receive your message regarding Plugin Error in the community or on our tickets. We might have overlooked it. May I know what browser you are using for Youzign? Youzign works best on Chrome. You may also update your shockwave plugin. Feel free to update me on this thread. Thanks!

I am using chrome for everything I do John.... Do not see any option to update shockwave plugin.
Pleas advise...