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More Filter Option : Image Blur

Hi Youzign friends,

Would be great if you can add blur option to the filters, motion blur would be awesome.

Currently I have to download my image to blur it using other software, then re upload it again to youzign for further editing. It takes time, so this option will be a great addition. Thank you!



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I just bought Youzign today. 4 months after this thread was started. I want to blur my very first image and find this isn't possible?

Why should I wait around e..g another 4months if this basic tool to blur images ever eventuates. I think I might just ask for a refund.


Not impressed new customer!

Hi Murray, 

Sorry about the delays on this feature. We're still focusing on the core functions in the app. We will get back to you as soon as we complete blur feature. Thank you.


I too concur that the blur tool would be a necessity...

Got it 3D Ken! Stay tuned! Thanks


Hi Satria, 

Blur is a great feature to add. It's in our to-do list but I doubt if we can implement it before the year ends. Probably next year. We will make updates. Thanks!