Youzign 2: FAQs For V1 Customers

Hi Youzigners,

We understand that you might have some questions regarding Youzign 2 which came out on February 8th. And to help you with that, let me break down some of the frequently asked questions about this relaunch.

If you don't find exactly what you are looking for from these FAQ, feel free to comment on below and I'll get back to you as fast as I can (usually within 24 hrs or less).

What exactly is Youzign 2?

Youzign 2 is our first year anniversary and the start of our second year as a graphic software. Since Since our first launch happend exactly the same month last year - February 2015. Over the course of our first year we have made some amazing improvements and we hope you'll be joining us on to help us celebrate this anniversary and milestone for our small company.

Youzign 2 also represents an evolution in terms of technology and services with Youzign.

While we pushed a ton of new features already to Youzign (one update per day on average), the two new services, the new Agency and Kickstart really represent a major extension to what Youzign can do for you.

In fact when we started out a year ago, you just had access to the Youzign software for yourself, and you had to handle all the designs on your own. With Agency and Kickstart, you can now collaborate on designs with your team (requires a purchase of additional licenses) and get us to do your designs for you. 

Generally, this launch is part of our agenda for 2016 to better serve you and make Youzign your one-stop design solution. We have more exciting news coming up for the middle of the year, but in the meantime here is what's new in this version.

In a nutshell, here are some the new cool features we have been adding for Youzign 2. Note that, some of these are already LIVE in Youzign (like the desktop version) while others will be pushed for February 8th.

- desktop version (mac, windows, linux), android and iOS apps
- new API integrations (Smartmember, Clickfunnels in progress)
- dashboard folders: organize all your designs from the dashboard
- push a design to any user
- set any image as a background
- download any graphics to desktop 
- over 30 different graphics categories and formats
- new one click design previews: coupons, gift certificates,, tee spring, software box, etc
- Agency and Kickstart, two new services
- Tee spring templates and preview
- weekly training webinars: free live webinar training for all youzign customers
- text and image borders, shadows, canvas border and more 

If you want to learn more about all the new features, I recommend you check out the Youzign 2 launch webinar replay here. Or alternatively login to Youzign and play around, you will notice the new updates

Q. I am an existing customer prior to the relaunch, should I pay more to get the new features?  

Absolutely not. If you are an existing customer (Beta user, Basic,Templates Upgrade, Yearly, Lifetime, ) there is no need for you to make additional payments to get the latest features. As usual we will automatically push them to your accounts as soon as they are ready. We pushed 304 software updates in 2015 for free to our existing customers, the new updates in 2016 won't be any different.

Now since we are introducing collaboration features with the Agency to Youzign, if you need to purchase additional Youzign licenses for your staff/employees/VAs or your clients who use Youzign you will be able to do so at a discount. 

We are also introducing the Kickstart package where you'll be able to order custom designs from the Youzign team of designers. There will necessarily be a fee for this service if you choose to take advantage of it. 

Q. I am under the Basic license and I need more templates, any advice?

A. Sure! Our templates upgrade becomes a recurring fee for all our new customers from February 8th, so if you haven"t upgraded yet this is your last chance to do so for a one-time price. After February 8th the only option would be to subscribe to benefit from our monthly templates offer. As mentioned above this won't affect existing customers.

Q. I am under the Upgrade/Lifetime license, am I affected in any way with the new version?

A. Yeap, but only for the good. :) When we say lifetime, we mean it. As usual, you'll get the new features added for free to your account.

Q. I purchased the Tribe offer for V1 customers, where can I download it?

A. We will deliver your Tribe package via email when the Youzign 2 launch ends this week on Friday 12th (as mentioned on the page). We are currently finalizing the sales page and software package for you, thanks for your patience. Don't worry, we'll get it to you asap so that you can get started using it in your business. 


♡ ❤ ♡ I love Youzign, how can I help spread the word about Youzign 2? ♡ ❤ ♡

We are a small company with big dreams, so your help is always more than appreciated.

If you believe Youzign can help more people out there, please share with your friends, talk about Youzign around you and feel free to apply to become a JV partner (let us know your youzign username when applying). THANK YOU in advance!

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This is awesome. I love Youzign and now it gets better! Looking forward to all the new features and enhancements! We appreciate you taking good care of your clients!

Thanks for the kind words Alex! Our pleasure to serve! :)

For existing customers (Lifetime) when will 2.0 be available with the new features? I have logged in and do not see the ability to move images into folders ect...? Looking forward to the new improvements! You guys ROCK!!

Ray, I had a similar issue and it was just me dropping the image at the wrong time.

Click on the image you want to drag into a folder and drag it, but when you release it, the hand symbol should be showing over the folder at the time of release.  The hand doesn't show up until you are in the right area to release the image.

Hope that helps.

Hi Ray,

I agree with Tracy. :) Please try that tip and let us know. 

And yep, most of the new features are already available on existing customers' accounts. The rest like text and image borders, shadows, canvas border we are yet to push this relaunch. You can download the bonuses and other freebies at homepage.


Hmm... Now I'm curious about the template upgrade.  How do I know if I have the lifetime monthly template update?

I know I bought a large pack a while back, but I'm not sure if it's the monthly version or not.  I checked JVZOO, but it just shows the basic youzign purchase and an additional purchase, but doesn't say if it's monthly or not.

I'd hate to miss out on this, lol.  Can anyone advise on this?  

One says youzign basic and the other says youzign member upgrade, which was $47. The receipt number for the upgrade is [hidden] if that helps any.

Thanks in advance.

Tracy goto upper right hand corner and click on your name > account. there you'll see the info about your accounts and api keys.


Thanks Ray.  I see I'm a pro user, but I'm not sure if that means I have the monthly template pack.

Do you happen to know what it would be called?  When looking at my receipts, I see one is called 100 templates (the one for $47).  I have close to a thousand currently.

Thanks again for your response.  By the way, did the tip above about moving your files into folders help?

Hi Tracy,

Yes, you are under a Pro account. You are entitled for the 100 monthly templates - a total of 1300 templates all. And same with Ray who is under a Lifetime account, Youzign 2.0's all new features will be available on your account for free.


P.S. For security reasons, I have hidden your receipt number by the way. 

Rose, does it mean that lifetime license I see in my account (I upgraded last year to "Youzign Special Templates", which was $53,42) is the same like Pro account and I already have access to the monthly template pack?

Please clarify.


Hi Frank,

Yes indeed. :) you don't need to repurchase the OTO for templates this launch. You already got them and more actually. That OTO is only 1000 templates, you get more like 1300 grand total as a Pro. :)

Now, If you wish to take advantage of the new services we offer this relaunch, I recommend checking out the upsells - Agency and Kickstart accessible thru the Upgrade button inside your dashboard . You might find these services beneficial for you and/or your business. 

We are also offering an exclusive bonus deal for our existing customers called Tribe => feel free to check it out as well. Thanks!


Hi Rose,

I think its clear now and I am very happy. Thanks for your continued support and the communication. The graphic showes it clearly.

Maybe it will be a good experience for version 3 :))



P.S. I already bought Tribe, but on JVZoo it shows Youzign2 as product. I hopeit will not confuse your cusomers again...


I have not tried yet watching Super Bowl.


Thanks, Rose.  I didn't even think about the receipt number.

You're welcome! It helped me pull up your account faster so thanks too! :)

I am a lifetime member, how will I be able to buy the 1000 templates.

Hi James,

The One-Time Offer for 1300 Templates has closed. But let me see if we can still work out a way. 


Hi there
I'm an existing lifetime customer too - only upgrades I can see are agency and kickstart options.

Does this mean I have all the 1300 templates or did I miss that somehow?!?!? And do I need it / can I get it before it goes up in price?




Hi James and Fraser,

We were able to find a way for our last minute upgraders :) You may send $39.99 for the 1300 Templates Package to Paypal ID: Just send us the transaction details along with your email and will sort it out for you =>

This is indeed the last chance to get them at a very low one-time price as it's going to be a monthly recurring fee starting this relaunch.


Hey all

My user name is mbjoel. I bought an early adopter lifetime beta offer user account on New Years Eve 2014. I currently have 1014 templates in my system. Does this mean I was updated/upgraded automatically?

Please help. Your launch is at 3am Australian time and I'm not sure I should stay up for launch if I'm not gaining anything. Can you shed light on the tribe offer - does it apply to me? Your guidance is greatly appreciated.



Hi Mark,

As a beta tester you are automatically enrolled in the templates upgrade yea. :) 

Tribe is a special bonus package for our existing customers. Like what the salespage says, It gives you access to monster Trio Pack of a Premium Page Creator, Graphics Business In-A-Box and Complete Sales Material for only $27. This is a very valuable offer especially for Internet Marketers.

The other individual OTOs you can see below the salespage is not related with the Tribe package.

Yet, if you wish to take advantage of additional services we have for existing customers, you can do so inside your Youzign Dashboard to take advantage of the coupon code 

Hope this helps,

Sorry totally confused. I am a Pro user but when I log-in it looks like the same Youzign with none of the features of the new 2.0 product. And on the upgrade button I only see agency and kickstart and none of the other options like templates

[email and username hidden]

Hi Dennis,

Thanks for getting in-touch. If you have Youzign, you already have access to Youzign 2.0 actually. We have already pushed all the new updates on existing customers' accounts and the major ones as listed above. If you explore around your dashboard, you can see one of the latest additions we had is the Team Collaboration. 

You only see the the upgrade options Agency and KickStart because the two other upsells - templates and Club is already available on your existing account - no need to pay more. All four upgrade types are only visible to Basic Accounts and they still have to pay more at a discount to get those upgrades.

Hope this helps! 


The yz15 code for purchasing the template package under youzign/tribe says not valid

Hi Dennis, 

Sorry, the code is yz10 actually. we have updated it on the salespage. Thank you!


Hi Rose.

I am a lifetime member and applied to become an affiliate prior to reading your post above.

This Rocks, BTW!

I did not include my username in my request to become an affiliate. Can you move my request along if I include my username here, please? Thanks!

username: panamama

Hi there,

Thanks for the kind words. May i have your JVZoo Name or Id please?


I have got a answer from your people that i must give you my email,, to get acces to Youzign 2, please help me out ASAP...All the Best Bent

Hi Bent,

If you have access to Youzign, you already have access to Youzign 2.0 as we have already pushed all new features of the new version to your account. 

We have just added 200 templates on your base package. Let me know if you can access it.

If you wish to take advantage of the 1000s templates offer and other upsells, feel free to purchase on the Upgrade button inside your Youzign dashboard . This way you can 
take advantage of the 10% discount coupon.



I am a lifetime subscription member, and I also bought the $47 Youzign Special Templates OTO when it was launched last year. I have two items "Agency and Kickstart" listed in my upgrades dropdown menu.

I understand that we get all the Youzign 2.0 features for free. I noticed there is a OTO for Youzign 2.0 for $67. Do we get that for free or do we need to buy?

I will make a payment for the 1300 pack for $39.99. I believe I missed it since I have only 1033 templates found in my current arsenal.

Thank you for all your hard work. Youzign is BY FAR my favorite tool for graphics!

userid: treykoehler

Hi Trey,

Thanks for the kind words! You don't need to pay for the new templates. We are still adding more from the current template package you initially purchased. :)

1033 is the actual template count we have for now. Our design team is yet to add more templates on your account in the upcoming weeks. The templates on that Upsell is actually the same ones you already have.

If you wish to take advantage of the new services we offer this relaunch, I recommend checking out the upsells - Agency and Kickstart accessible thru the Upgrade button inside your dashboard . You might find these services beneficial for you and/or your business. 

We are also offering an exclusive bonus deal for our existing customers called Tribe => feel free to check it out as well. Thanks!


Thanks.. i have tried to look at this closely to get comfortable with your commitment and promise, not to mention your much need support.  So why not?  Either way, you shall hear me in the crowd.  Thanks again for your design!

Hi Robert,

Thanks for getting in-touch! We appreciate your time here and I do hope you like Youzign too. We are here to help in every way we can. :)


Hi Rose,

Hi James and Fraser,

I payed the $39.99 through PayPal to .

I also send the transaction details to

I will expect the Templates Package.



Hi James,

Thanks for the update. Feel free to let us know if the templates are already loaded on your account if not, I send a follow up to our support team.


Well, in my dashboard I am getting a message, "Attention!, your subscription has expired. Please to get unlimited access to Youzign today!" 

But I thought I signed up for the unlimited?  And I have the 47.00 Upgrade package.

Hi David, 

Do apologize us for the inconvenience here. We will fix this bug ASAP. Can I have your username please?



I do not see the upgrade to Youzign 2.0 in my account?

What do I need to do?

Also, Sam Bakker offered some bonuses and gave a link to them for current customers, but all it does is take me to an Agency upgrade.  Where do I get these?


Hi Eddie, 

Thanks for letting us know about your concern. May I have your registered email address please? 


Rose,  My email is

Hi Eddie, 

Thanks for your email address. I see that you are an existing customer under Lifetime subscription. 
Actually, if you have access to Youzign, you already have access to Youzign 2.0 as we have automatically pushed the updates on your account. 

Can you let me know how many templates you can see from your account please? There should be around 1049 templates already. 


Paid for the software and never received the product: 

[Transaction details hidden]

Hi Mike,

Thank you for the details. We will sort it out for you ASAP. I have hidden your transaction details for security reasons.

Feel free to update us here if you can already access your purchase.


Same here. Please help me. I just purchased Youzing 2 recently. I still don't have to chance to register my account. Already checked my junk mail folder. Nothing found but the receipt.

Purchase Details:

Hi Penny,

Thanks for letting us know your concern. Can you please follow this quick guide here:

Thanks and feel free to let me know if anything
- Rose

P.S. I've also hidden your purchase details for security reasons. Thanks!

Hi Rose

When I click "ACCESS YOUR PURCHASE" button, it takes me to this link - Can you please point out where to register at that page?

Thanks for hiding my purchase details.

Hi Penny,

We're sending you now your log in details. :) You will use them to log in on that page: 


Hi Rose

Appreciate it. I'd already tried 3-4 times yesterday by your instructions. I couldn't get my info. Checked junk folder a moment ago.

Hi Rose

It's been two days. I really don't want to ask for refund.

I haven't received login details yet. Did you already send it to my email?

Hi Penny,

Sorry for the delay, yes we've already sent your log in details. If you can confirm your email here please. I'll just hide them afterwards.


Email - [hidden]

Hi Penny,

I had to manually send your log in details using my email account. Kindly confirm if you receive it.

Thanks for your patience on this!


Hey Rose

First off, thank you so much for your help.

Yes. I received it. Reset my password and I can log into my account now.

Again, thank you and wish you all the best to you and your team!


Hi there

Could you please help me ,I repurchased youzign 2 as well as the template upgrade as it was on the sales page.Now I don't see the 1300 templated in my account just a 1000 and please could you let me know if I'm entitles to the 100 monthly as I paid full price I believe for the template pack ,while others pay apparently $39.99.

Its confusing to me sorry.


Hi Frenchshe,

Sorry for the confusion caused here. Can you please write to us at with all your Youzign purchase details including the upgrades. We'll be happy to sort it out for you and process refund for extra payments if any. 

Also, our latest count for templates is still 1000+ Don't worry about that . Our design team is yet to add more on the upcoming weeks to complete the grand total. Hope this helps!


I know they just had a launch but nobody is responding to anything posted here. It would take 15 minutes to resolve all of our issues which seem pretty much seem the same.

Hi Dennis,

Sorry for the inconvenience here. We are doing our best to attend to each concerns as fast as we can. May I know how I can help?


Hello support team, I do not quite understand the instructions for existing users! I get the new possibilities of Youzign 2 automatically as update or do I have to do something? In my profile is only a Lifetime notice and I have about 1000 Templates
Thank you for the information!

Hi Karsten,

Yes, as an existing Youzigner, we have automatically updated your account to the latest version for free. 

If you have already purchased our old templates package, you should be seeing 1000+ templates on your account right now. We'll deliver the rest of the templates in the coming weeks.

Now, if you wish to take advantage of the new services we offer this relaunch, I recommend checking out the upsells - Agency and Kickstart accessible thru the Upgrade button inside your dashboard . You might find these services beneficial for you and/or your business. 

We are also offering an exclusive bonus deal for our existing customers called Tribe=> feel free to check it out as well. Thanks!


Rose, I just have to say you Rock!  Your support during this launch is commendable.... I'm an early adopter from the Beta/lifetime days and love and use Youzign all the time, and this update is terrific!  I have my lifetime, 1000+ templates, new features (shadow is a great addition!) -- but what I've not found is how to access the 'desktop' version -- does that mean we don't have to be online to use it? It seems that would be something we'd need to download from somewhere unless I'm not defining 'desktop' correctly.

Thanks for a GREAT product and your great team and great support!


Hey Lisa I totally second that .. Rose is doing an amazing job helping everyone out. That's what I would genuinely call "heroic support" :)

Regarding tthe desktop version, you can get it all the info about it here:

Hope this helps : ) 

Thank you Lisa and Bertrand! :) 

I know this is a much repeated question. I purchased YouZign Basic and Youzign Special Templates on 2-18-15. I have 1049 templates in account. What is the 1000 templates for $67 being promoted by everybody. Do I need them. Are they different what what I have or is this a duplication?


Richard Wright


Hi Richard,

Thanks for letting us know your concern. You don't need to buy the Templates OTO $67. These are the same templates you can find on your account right now. Our development team will add more to these current 1049 count in the coming weeks (templates are updated daily) :)

Now, if you wish to take advantage of the new services we offer this relaunch, I recommend checking out the upsells - Agency and Kickstart accessible thru the Upgrade button inside your dashboard . You might find these services beneficial for you and/or your business. 

We are also offering an exclusive bonus deal for our existing customers called Tribe=> feel free to check it out as well. Thanks!