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    Error #2032

    Ray Warda · 5 · Last reply by Doug Montgomery

    Yesterday when I was creating a flyer, I used one of the templates inside Youzign and after editing it to how I want it to look, I try to save it and it gives me an error message:

    "Error #2032"

    Then I am not able to save my changes.  When I close out and come back to it, all of the edits disappeared and I had to start over.  This happened to me three times with three different browsers and is very frustrating.  This software is supposed to simplify my ways of doing marketing items, especially when I just recently purchased from

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    can't save

    I cannot save my work.  There seems to be some new problem every month. Which browser works best. I have tried Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.  This is very frustrating.  All three gives me an error message.  REALLY!!!! 


    Tony Geouge

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    Hi, I have just purchased Youzign 2.0 with 200 templates, but I only see 100 available. Also, I don't see the over 30 different graphics categories and formats but much less (16). Neither I see these features:new one click design previews: coupons, gift

    Hello there,

    Hi, I have just purchased Youzign 2.0 with 200 templates, but I only see 100 available. Also, I don't see the over 30 different graphics categories and formats but much less (16). Neither I see these features:new one click design previews: coupons, gift certificates, Macbook screenshots, tee spring, software box, etc - text and image borders, shadows, canvas border, etc.

    This is not the Youzign V. 2.0 described in the sales page and which I have paid for. Please solve the issue or I will ask for a refund.



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    My designs are no longer showing

    kevin green · 6 · Last reply by Rose :3

    My designs are no longer showing and all my uploads are now missing Thanks

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    blk loader error

    Lisa Bumbar · 6 · Last reply by Phillip Lopez

    I keep getting blk loader error messages...and it will not let me set a custom size for a template or use any of the other templates.

    Please help!

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    Text function doesn't allow me to edit.

    Tim Yates · 2 · Last reply by Abhigrk :)

    I have tried it in Firefox and Safari.  Single click on text to "select" then double click to edit and get the flashing icon and nothing happens.   Even when text is selected the edit features do not show in the edit window.  It still shows the edit features for the background.

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    URGENT! Saved images cannot be edited.

    Seann Valen · 4 · Last reply by John : }

    Hey guys, 

    The first problem has never been resolved. It is that I cannot delete any of my uploaded images. 

    Second, after saving a completed project, when I click "edit" on the image in either a folder or on the dashboard, it shows up as a blank white canvas in the workspace.  

    Please fix these problems. The first has been going on for a long time. Now this second one is really annoying as I cannot save an image and then load it back in to edit. Therefore, I would have to re-create it. This can make this program

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    blk loader error

    Tony Kitson · 3 · Last reply by Rose :3

    i cannot load a canvas to start a new design, after trying to load I get the message blk loader error and then nothing. drop down also doesn't work it just says custom size, but creates nothing when i put sizes into it. same problem on all browsers and desktop app.

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    The platform is really slow, very hard to work

    Hey, your platform is too much promising and full of features.
    Just the matter is SLOW SERVER.

    I very well know that the elements you are proving us to use are massive, but we as a user are facing too many issues to make even a single design. I am having a decent internet connection and can do all the needful on the web.

    I till date didn't purchase your Template pack just because I was unable to work on any of the available templates as well.

    I am using Windows 7 and using it on Chrome. I even tried it

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    API and Public Code challenge with Android Phone

    Greg Williams · 10 · Last reply by John : }

    I downloaded the Youzign app on my Android Phone. When I entered my API Token and Public Codes, I received a message indicating 'check entry of code'. I entered the codes several times very carefully and received the same message. Please assess. Thank you ...



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    Opening My Saved Work To Edit Is Useless As It Appears Blank???

    Mike Kirtley · 4 · Last reply by John : }

    Hi Support

    I have a problem with my Youzign software.

    I have tried on many occasions to open my saved work to make minor changes

    when only a white blank box comes up.  This is a waste of time and I have to start again!!

    The whole point of this software is create, then tweak to get it perfect, but all the build time

    is wasted if you can't open it up later to work on it again.

    I am using Firefox.

    I hope this can be fixed or there is a solution as I purchased this in good faith?

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    Need to cancel and refund my "subscription".

    Rob LaMontagne · 5 · Last reply by John : }

    ..not even sure what that subscription is or where to find the "month" I have apparently paid for. I bought lifetime access to YouZign SaaS during recent JVzoo launch.  That's all I want.

    Did not know I signed up for the "subscription" thing. Please cancel and refund the $37 that was debited on March 10th.

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    ecover option not available

    Charles George · 5 · Last reply by John : }

    I just purchased youzign 2.0 and when I log into the software I do not have the option for the ebook cover. 

    I do have an option that says product cover, but when I view the image it is only a 2D image. It does not give me the 3D cover view option, when I view the image. All the ebook cover options are 2D with no option of viewing or downloading any design in 3D. 

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    'blk Loader Error'

    Socialbuzzfly · 6 · Last reply by Rose :3

    I'm receiving Receiving a 'blk Loader Error'. I've searched all related topics and there are NO solutions posted. Can you please check into this matter and post a fix solution. Thanks.

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    Pixabay not working on dashboard

    Barry McCoy · 1 · Last reply by John : }

    Pixabay is not working on the dashboard. No images are coming up to upload.

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    Respect Transparency in Layers

    Jeffrey · 1 · Last reply by John : }

    I painstakingly removed the background around an intricate object in an imported picture and then inserted it into my primary image. It took hours to do the separation. Now I need to darken the object, as it's too bright for the remainder of the image. But, when I did so, using the background remover, as directed by support, the transparent background of the layer also darkened. The transparent portion of the layer should never be affected by any brightness modifications. And the brightness controls should not be hidden in the background remover, they should be more generally available.

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    Can't login to youzign dashboard

    Eli Azulay · 3 · Last reply by John : }


    Can't login to youzign dashboard in the last days, This is the message I get - Error establishing a database connection

    Please Advise ASAP


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    your website is OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please fix it asap i need to use it 4 my job

    Stefano Santori · 10 · Last reply by Joe Broon

    This is the error message received form this early morning: 

    Error establishing a database connection

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    Facebook Grid for all FB ad sizes

    Stephanie Henry · 5 · Last reply by John : }

    I just learned the hard way that in order to have access to the 20% grid checker that you MUST have chosen one of the pre-sized FB ad templates... but the problem is that only 3 sizes are provided, and there's many more that are needed. Like I just created a RHS ad, which is 254x133, but can't use the grid checker since I had to start with a custom size ad.


    Can you either get the other ad sizes in there, OR simply allow access to the grid checker no matter which ad/template you start with?

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    Product received not what you advertised

    Ken · 1 · Last reply by John : }

    I purchased your youzign product through jvzoo yesterday, Feb. 8, 2016, but the problem is the product I got from you is not the product you advertised in your sales video.  The product I got has but a few of the features you advertised. 

    Here is my email receipt.  Use the above information to access your purchase at: 

    [ Some contents are hidden for security reasons ]

    Please help,

    Ken Davis