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    Where Is The Image Search Feature?

    David Baker · 2 · Last reply by John : }


    It has been a while since i used YouZign however, i have noticed that the image search feature is no longer in YouZign. Where did it go? Was it removed in favor of your company selling "Royalty Free Image Packs"?

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    Not seeing everything offered in deal, so I just want to get it squared away from the start.

    Troy · 1 · Last reply by Yel <(','<)

    HI! Excited to be on board with Youzign. Just want to make sure everything is in order.

    The link I purchased the lifetime membership through mentioned over 3100 templates and lifetime

    access at no additional cost to the monthly template club. Noticed that my account only says 200

    templates found. Just want to make sure we get everything in order from the start. Thanks!