• *New* You can now download your designs in JPG and PDF formats

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    Good news!

    You can now export your designs in JPG and PDF formats in Youzign.

    Here is a quick guide on when to use each format:

    PNG ( Portable Network Graphics )

    Best used for:

    - web images such as logos that involve transparency and fading

    - images in the middle of an editing process

    - complex images if the file size is not an issue 

    JPG ( Joint Photographic Group )

    Best used for:

    - still images

    - real world images such as photos

    - complex coloring

    - shading of light and dark

    - websites that require lower file size

  • [New Blog Post] How to create an eCard with Youzign (plus Father's Day Graphics Giveaway)

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    Sending an eCard to your family, friends, and even customers is a great way to let them know that they matter to you. ; )

    This is one of the little yet powerful things you can do to build and nurture relationships even online.

    In this post, I’m going to show you just how simple it is to create a custom eCard from scratch with Youzign and since Father’s day is just around the corner, our creative design team has also prepared a father’s day graphics bundle which you can download for free!


    1. Log in to your account dashboard.


  • [*New* Blog Post] The 3 Not-So-Secret Secrets To Make Your Graphics Shareable

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    Content marketing has never been challenging as it is today.

    Its landscape continues to rapidly evolve and the demand for engaging content that adds value, teaches, and entertains has never been higher.

    As a savvy marketer, you know that it isn’t just about the quantity of content you can create. After all, readers can consume contents more than you can produce. In a “busy” generation we’re in, where attention is the new economy, you need to create contents that can cut through the “noise”.

    Needless to say, it makes sense to keep yourself up-to-date with the latest trends and

  • [*New* Blog Post] 3 Key Factors To Building Your Brand On Instagram

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    The app that’s mostly seen as a place for selfies, fads and whatnots has now proven itself to be useful as well on the side of branding. Instagram’s highest potential to humanize brands over other social media platforms has drawn business owners both online and offline to adapt this to their marketing strategies.

    Here are some interesting stats you should know about Instagram:

    Read the

  • [*New* Blog Post] 7 Best Practices for Facebook Cover Photos

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    Whether you are an experienced entrepreneur or just starting out, you should understand the importance of your online reputation. While having an informative business website is a good core aspect of your online image, managing an attractive Facebook page is also an important element that can affect your success. Let’s look at the ways in which you can use Facebook cover photos to make your business page shine.

    Appealing Facebook cover photos can help you build a positive public image

    According to the latest statistics, there are now over 1.86 billion monthly active Facebook users. The first thing people see when they visit any

  • *New* and Updated Formats in Youzign

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    Hi Youzigners!

    Good news! :)

    We've just loaded up four new formats in Youzign namely Google+ profile photo, Google+ News feed Image, Pinterest profile picture and Youtube Channel Icon.
    And as promised, we have also updated LinkedIn, Twitter post image, and Pinterest board cover dimensions.  

    Here are the newly added formats:

    1. Google + Profile Photo: 250 x 250 pixels - accessible under Google+ format

    2. Google + News feed image: 800 x 600 pixels - accessible under Google+ format

    3. Pinterest Profile Photo: 600 x 600 pixels - accessible under Pinterest format

    4. Youtube Channel Icon: 800 x 800 pixels

    And the updated

  • **New** Cool Emoticons are now available in Youzign

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    Hi Youzigners!

    Good news! We've just finished adding over a hundred emoticons in Youzign. You can find it under Graphics> Vectors> Emoticons.

    Feel free to use these cute emoticons to spice up your designs and leverage post engagement. 
    Click here to see a good sample of how you can make use of these emoticons.

  • How to create a Facebook Reactions Poll with Youzign

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    Facebook Reactions took the world by storm by going beyond the simple “Like” button and providing users a host of reactions which match human emotions.

    Download the Facebook Emojis as PNGs here.

    In fact, Facebookers may mark any posts on the social media platoform with the following reactions: Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad or Angry.

    Since this interface became an overnight hit, it wasn’t long until marketers found ways to use it to their advantages… And one of the most popular way to do so is setting up reaction polls.

    There are two type of

  • *New* Font/ Branding Text Tool

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    Hi Youzigners!

    We've added a handy font/ text branding tool called Font/ Branding Text tool that lets you save texts ( with your own font settings: size, color, rotation, effects, etc.) to the text library so you can use them anytime in your designs.

    Click here to learn how to use this tool. 

  • [Blog Post] GIFs: The New Gold Standard for Sharing Content Online

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    We’ve all seen them – on social media, news sites, blogs, product ads, or emails we receive. They are everywhere! And though GIFs aren’t new, the level of engagement they provide for almost any platform and purpose is now higher than ever.

    In this quick post, let’s find out what makes this visual content great as well as popular. What makes it one of the must-haves in your online marketing strategy?

    What is a GIF

    Animated GIF is a series of still images joined together into one single image that plays in a loop. It ends with a file extension (dot) gif

  • Merry Christmas and happy holidays from the Youzign team!

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    If you need support during the holidays please email us at support@youzign.com as our team will be less active on our social media networks as well as this forum until January 4th, 2017.

    Enjoy some precious time with your loved ones


  • *New* Toggle for Smart Guides

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    Smart Guides are the subtle blue lines you will notice when you move elements on the canvas. Basically, they are intended for alignment aid, however, they can also create lag on the software. By turning these guides off, you can avoid lags and be able to glide smoother across the canvas.

    By default, the Smart Guide toggle is ON. But you can simply turn it OFF by clicking the same toggle icon.

  • *New* Library for the holidays!

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    Prepping for the holidays? : )

    We've just added a bunch of holiday graphics to help you spruce up your designs for the coming Yuletide and New Year season! 

    These are handcrafted with love by our in-house designers and made special for you! 

    You can find them inside the Graphics tab > under Occasions category. 

    Happy youzigning <3 

  • *New* The No Fill Effect for Texts and Images

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    Now, you can easily use this tool to remove solid fill inside Texts, Curved Texts, and Vector Images. 

    Click here to learn how to use this tool 

  • **New** Curved Text Tool is Now Live!

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    Good day Youzigners!

    Finally, the much-awaited feature - Curved Text tool is already available at Youzign! :) 

    Click here for the quick step-by-step tutorial on how to use Curved Text tool.

    Click here to see an actual demo of the Curved Text tool.

    Thanks heaps! :) 

  • **New** Album Art Previews

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    Hi Youzigners! 

    Good News!
    We've added a new set of high quality previews for album art graphics. You can now check how your Album Art design looks like on actual Itunes Album, CD Cover, Spotify Album, Spotify Enlarged Album Art, Spotify Mobile Album and Spotify Mobile Player. 

    1. Itunes Album

    2. CD Cover

    3. Spotify Album

    4. Spotify Enlarged Album Art

    5. Spotify Mobile Album

    6. Spotify Mobile Player

  • *New* Youtube Thumbnail Previews ( Actual Video and Sidebar )

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    Hi Youzigners!

    Good day! We've just added two slick preview types for Youtube thumbnail. These are 1. Actual Video Size and 2. Video on sidebar/recommended list.

    1. Actual Video Size

    2. Video on sidebar/recommended list

    Hope you find this handy! :)

    Happy Youzigning! 

  • [BLOG] Managing A Launch Sequence With Youzign

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    Our aim is to make Youzign your go-to app whenever you need to create professional marketing graphics pretty fast.

    And recently we have started creating some amazing launch sequence graphics templates, that will help all vendors to manage their launch from pre-launch to the very final “thank you” messages post launch.

    Like all other graphics templates in the Youzign app, these launch sequence templates are being perfectly crafted by our expert graphics designers, with the perfect color, font, text and even icon placement match decisions. The usual bits that would milk your time away...

    Read the rest of "Managing

  • Six *New* Formats have been added in Youzign

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    Hi Youzigners!

    Good news! 6 new formats have been added in Youzign! These are:

    1. Device Screenshot ( 1280px X 700px ) available in 2D and 3D preview



    2. Device Wallpaper ( 1920px X 1080px ) 

    3. Email Header ( 600px X 200px )

    4. Etsy Cover Photo ( 3360px X 840px )

    5. Etsy Shop Icon (
  • *New* Stock Photo Sources Integrated with Youzign

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    Hi Youzigners!

    We've just added more cool photo sources inside the Youzign editor. These new integrations are Skitterphoto, Pexels, and Stocksnap. These are websites offering free stock photos with the Public Domain License (CC0) just like Unsplash. Please do check the images' license with the 'i' button as some of them are also hosted at Pixabay.

    Happy Youzigning! :)