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  • New Blog Post: 19 Hypnotic Cinemagraph Samples To Inspire You

    Rose :3 · 0 · Posted

    What do you get when you combine a high-resolution photograph, a bit of animation of a video and then put it in a snackable GIF file size format?

    If your guess is a cinemagraph, then ka-boom! You got it right.

    A cinemagraph is a series of images with subtle and repeating motions forming a loop. This makes it look like an animated video but, it’s actually a still image commonly published as a GIF file.

    This medium was created by US fashion photographer Jamie Beckin in collaboration with motion graphics designer Kevin Burg in 2011. These two were looking for a fresh

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    Refund request

    Ian Murdoch · 1 · Last reply by Rose :3

    I need to request a refund. I mistakenly thought this was a web based service and not a software product. Under the terms of your 60 day refund I need to be refunded as I cannot use this product. Transaction ID's for JVZoo are Gifzign (details hidden for security reasons)

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    gifzign grow

    Kpeter1221 · 2 · Last reply by Gloria :)


    I just checked gifzign and thinkig of buying it with all the uppsells. I have a few questions about it.

    Its not clear to me what gifzign grow (the last uppsell) means. Is this a software reselling solution? So I can resell the software its own to my clients (create clients accounts) and they can create their work with it?

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    I want to request for my purchase

    Tiit Vimberg · 1 · Last reply by John : }


    I purchased Gifzign on Thursday 6th of July 2017. Transaction Id: [some contents hidden].  Sorry to tell that, but I am not happy with Gifzign... I have the same issues as many others, so I would like to request a refund for my purchase.


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    Gifzign_1.0.13_Win error

    Ricchezzavera · 4 · Last reply by John : }

    i havr just updated GIFzign to Gifzign_1.0.13_Win and as i tried to import a video from youtube, i see an error message:

    can you help me please?

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    Gifzign lifetime and mockups

    Roberta Hill · 1 · Last reply by John : }

    Just purchased both Gifzign lifetime and mockups. Set up account using link with mockups. Now in dashboard it is not registering that I have lifetime. Suggests I buy it. 


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    Smebizd · 1 · Last reply by John : }


    im receiving an error message that reads as "The application cannot be installed due to a certificate problem. The certificate does not match the installed application certificate, does not support application upgrades, or is invalid. Please contact the application author.".

    Kindly help

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    Purchased the Mockups upgrade and the Mockups are not showing in my account

    Admin · 1 · Last reply by John : }

    Congratulations on your purchase.

    For support contact:

    [some contents hidden]

    Thank you, 

    Robin Lee

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    I can not register my account. Account registration is close.

    Roy Revill · 2 · Last reply by John : }

    Purchase Details: -------Amount: $27.00 USD Transaction date: March 21, 2017 Status: Completed Transaction ID: [some contents hidden]

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    I was about to register my Gifzign purchase but get the message : "User Registration is currently not allowed"

    Mike · 3 · Last reply by John : }

    I was about to register my Gifzign purchase but get the message : "User Registration is currently not allowed"

    This is very irritating since it is stalling me. There is no idea for me to try the "Lost your password"
    function since registration is not even allowed currently. Wonder why !?

    I have paid, yes...and I got gifzign in my JVZOO and clicked "Access your purchase" which took me
     to the registration page which gave me the above message.

    You need to fix this cause there is nothing I can do. waaaiting...waiiiting...

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    Purchased Gifzign today, it's in my JVZoo account, I clicked access product took me to a registration page with username and email address. I filled that out and submitted it, never got my login information, I even tried reset password option on the login

    John Mederick · 1 · Last reply by John : }

    Purchased Gifzign today, it's in my JVZoo account, I clicked access product took me to a registration page with username and email address. I filled that out and submitted it, never got my login information, I even tried reset password option on the login page I get no emails.

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    Getting error on new registration

    George · 1 · Last reply by John : }

    When I tried to access gifzign for the first time I fill in the registration page , submit and get this error

    User registration is currently not allowed.


  • Youzign Integration

    Magnus :) · 4 · Last reply by John : }

    You can now retrieve and use your Youzign designs inside the Gifzign app. Thanks to the Gifzign Youzign swift integration. Here is how to connect the 2 accounts:

    1. Log into your Gifzign web platform dashboard.


    2. Go to the Youzign integration section, bottom right


    3. Click on Edit Settings


    4. Enter your Youzign Public Key and Token (you can find them from your Youzign profile) then click on Save & Connect


    5. Now load up your Gifzign desktop app, and click on Graphics


    6. Click on the Youzign icon, and your designs will be

  • New in Gifzign: a nifty loading screen and mockups with perspective!

    Rose :3 · 0 · Posted

    Good news! The latest version of Gifzign 1.0.13 was released this week! If you haven’t got it yet make sure to download it from your dashboard.

    In this version we added two new cool features, here is breakdown!

    First we are introducing a new loading screen with a progress bar so that you know how much time is left when you are converting a video to GIF, previewing a GIF or rendering a GIF. It’s very handy and also includes links to the Gifzign support page and blog.

    Bonus: the loading UI as we envisioned it initially

  • You can now add GIFs to comments in Facebook!

    Rose :3 · 0 · Posted

    This week, the GIF format was celebrating its 30th birthday and Facebook decided to celebrate the internet’s favourite format with a little bit of love…

    You can now reply to comments on Facebook by uploading your GIFs, and obviously at Gifzign we think it’s very cool!

    In the past you could insert GIFs only by linking to a GIF URL which was a bit cumbersome. This change in Facebook marks a real shift and acceptance of GIF as a core component of the interwebs for the years to come.

    How to upload your GIF to a Facebook comment:

    1. Go to and find a
  • *New* Slick Features Added in Version 1.0.12

    Rose :3 · 0 · Posted

    Hi Gifzigners!

    Good news!

    We’ve just pushed a bunch of highly requested features and updates in the new version of Gifzign.

    If you haven’t downloaded the update yet, head over to your Gifzign dashboard and download Gifzign Version 1.0.12

    So what are the new cool stuff in this update:

    1. New export to mp4 feature (also contains sound from video)

    This new feature lets you save and download your GIFs into a final mp4 format. What’s cool is that you can choose whether to include the sound/ audio from your video or not...

    Check out the rest of these slick features in

  • *New* GIF Love on Mother's Day (Mother's Day Giveaway Graphics)

    Rose :3 · 0 · Posted

    Hi everyone!

    It’s this time of the year again when we honor the best and the most special woman in our lives – our Mothers.
    And to help you make this day extra special for her, our creative team has prepared a few GIFs and cinemagraphs which you can share with every loving and brave woman you know.

    We are releasing these graphics under Creative Commons license, so you can download and do-whatever-you-want with these graphics. Feel free to post them across your social media accounts and websites!

    Download the Mother's Day Graphics Giveaway on the Gifzign blog.

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    No Access To My Purchase!

    Alan Amor · 0 · Posted

    I purchased Gifzign two days ago 17th June 2017 [AP-18P43993985402631] via JVZoo but when I try to access the product I'm taken to a Gifzign Login page and when I complete the login I just get a message at the top of the form saying: "User registration is currently not allowed".                                                                           Seems to be a common problem looking at related topics.

    I have

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    Can not register acount

    Stefan · 0 · Posted


    Just bought Gifzign, but when asked to register my account I get the message; User registration is currently not allowed.


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    I have purchased Gifzign on March 25th

    Mohamed Hafez · 1 · Last reply by Gloria :)

    I have purchased Gifzign on March 25th. My JVZoo transaction ID is AP-9K171149D544***** and my email address is mhafez***** I haven't received login credentials and when tried to register I was denied. Please give me access.